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October Creep Show

Salman Soofi

Emotional, Watercolour abstract portrait ​by Salman Soofi

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Mauricio Saldaña

Analog black and white photographs ​by Mauricio Saldaña


This project travels in the genre of docufiction mixing a real event with the Japanese myth of Kitsunetsuki. The conceptual relationship came after the breakup, in the search for the causes and after a series of confessions about the strange behavior of that


My girlfriend started behaving differently when we went for a walk out of town. This series begins in the forest, wanders between a dream and reality. The memory and the search for something supernatural are mixed with the abstract meaning of love.

In ancient Japan, there was the belief of a possession by a forest spirit that took the form of a fox and sometimes assumed the corporality of a woman. She was posing as a lover or a young couple.


These supernatural beings were called Kitsunetsuki.


Its meaning has been transformed over time. Now, it is used to signal someone's weird
behavior, a state of being out of her mind, being confused about herself. And feel totally different from who you are.

-Mauricio Saldaña

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Richard Zajac

Chaos Within, Oil on Canvas, 12"x24"
​by Richard Zajac
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Skynd, Oils on Board, 16"x20" 
​by Richard Zajac

Michelle Gialanze

Ghost, Oil painting ​by Michelle Gialanze

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Ashley King

The Wolfman, Acrylic on paper, 13"x9.5" By Ashley King
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Nornir (Urðarbrunnur)(The Norns - The Well of Wyrd), 18"x24", Mixed Media ​By David Kitzmann

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HQ Creative Art

Untitled, mixed media By HQ Creative Art 

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Untitled, mixed media ​By HQ Creative Art

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