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October Creep Show



Vulture Culture is a series of birds and mammals that eat carrion and are often associated with death.  ​Alicia Fournier

Griffon Vulture, Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 48" By Alicia Fournier
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Marco Marin

Fairy Forrest, Digital Painting By Marco Marin
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Steven Minh Kenny

Dracula's Castle, Ink By Steven Minh Kenny 
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Lawrence Reid

Faces of the Shadow: Mask Sculptures

Throughout history, masks have served a myriad of functions. They have been used in everything from ritual practices to disguises, to children’s entertainment. However, beyond these uses, masks are also worn as facades. These are the masks that are worn every day – at jobs, within schools, with family & friends, and on social media. Why are these masks worn? For one, they hide any thoughts that might be deemed too radical by a politically correct culture. More importantly, though, these facades protect their wearers from being judged.  


With my masks, I bring forth the nature that I normally hide. The work embodies my “Shadow Archetype” – acknowledging the sadness, anger, and distrust that I hold within for a variety of cultural topics. The masks allow me to release these emotions and see my entire self – emerging from the shadows to wholly embrace my identity. 

Lawrence Reid

Endangered, 2019. Mixed Media (cardboard, acrylic paint, and sealant) By Lawrence Reid



In Closing (Fleshmarket Close), photograph, 2015 By Amanda Gallagher
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Chernobyl, photolithograph print, 2011 By Amanda Gallagher

Jo Forrest

Collage, detail, for the poem 'wake sleep dream',  Paper collage, acrylic paint on canvas,  12 x 20"
By Jo Forrest

Darija Stipanić

Diptych Blackbird, mixed media(acrylic paint) on OSB panel ​By Darija Stipanic
Fear, mixed technique on OSB panel ​By Darija Stipanic
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