What are the stories we tell ourselves about the things that we fear?  Through art, we have the opportunity to feel comforted with the familiar or to become aquatinted with a stranger- maybe a facet of ourselves we have not met yet. 

Welcome to Art Nova's October Creep Show, a collection of the spooky, surreal, and strange. Participants have contributed their work for your viewing.




Creep Show

Here, we host an urban legend from halfway around the world, inner fears of an individual coming to terms with their shadow self, abandoned buildings once teeming with life and activity, birds of prey hungry for their next meal- and so much more. 


We hope you find a piece that resonates with you, calling to the internal world we seldom walkthrough. The darkened corners of our very being are brought into the light through powerful visuals.



For sales inquiries, please contact participants through the corresponding links they have provided. 

Eva Niehle
Dina Belaia
​​Stephanie Avery
​​Emma Anderson
​​Ashton Caudill
​​Luis Ardila




​Nicole Popo

Alicia Fournier


Marco Marin


Steven Minh Kenny

Lawrence Reid




​​Jo Forrest

​Darija Stipanić

Salman Soofi
Mauricio Saldaña
Richard Zajac
Michelle Gialanze
Ashley King



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